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Treat your face to
some real science.

The Essential serum is only organic anti-inflammatory oils + proven
growth factors, made fresh by us and shipped to you every month,
for healthier and younger looking skin

“I have noticed increased brightness! My skin appears tighter, with a decrease in brown spots.”

unpaid study participant

Stripping down to the essentials with all of the science and none of the BS.





My skin loves it.


The Essential is a simple, nourishing serum that produces results, with nothing you don’t want in it.

Women and men ages 35-65 emerging from pretrial, sing praises of “hydration and glow” after 3 or more months of regular use to face, decollete, and even cuts and bruises.
Apply once or twice daily, with or without moisturizer or any additional products.

Where uneven tones, redness, blotchiness, and skin thirsting for moisture abound, The Essential is proven to tighten and brighten while delivering a cure for dryness, brown spots, and fine lines.

That’s our definition of success.


“A couple of drops in my hands morning and night, in combination with heavy cream, and in one month I noticed smoother, more supple skin with less fine wrinkles, and a much more youthful appearance. My skin looks well rested, even on the days that I know I’m not.”


“I’ve experienced significant improvement of skin texture on my face and neck, and lessening of small wrinkles around my eyes, and forehead. It feels as though I am providing needed moisture to my skin.”


“My skin has more moisture and my skin tone has evened out. Nights that I have not used it, my skin feels tight and dry. This product is becoming essential to my daily routine!”


“I’ve had unsolicited feedback from multiple people that are like, wow, your skin looks really great. The change is gradual but clearly works over time.”


Q1 2021

Pure, simple, plant-based
stem cell skin care.

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Developed by women, a physician and researcher.

Our goal is to create a product with the highest biological activity and pure ingredients. From the lab directly to your door with no synthetic toxic ingredients used to stabilize products that sit on a shelf. This product was developed by women, a physician and researcher, using plant wisdom and cutting-edge science. We have stripped out the unnecessary chemicals, so every ingredient has a purpose in order to support more beautiful skin. We have stripped out all of the gimmicks to deliver what is real and proven.

Decades of scientific and medical training — specially in stem cell and clinical trial science kickstarted this company. The spark of an idea grew to years of development and research brought us to this point, our first clinical trial. We have spent our careers in the medical field and are excited to be able to deliver what we are passionate about — just ingredients that work in a healing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory base — with no fillers, no chemicals for stabilizing, no toxic extras.


Product 101

How does this change my normal routine?

The Essential plays well with friends. Use as a base product on a freshly cleansed face or unleash(!) and totally replace any moisturisers or serums that don’t serve you.

How often should I use it?

Apply once or twice a day to face and decollete in concert with your morning and nightly skin care ritual. Use on superficial cuts, bruised or sun-kissed areas as needed.

When am I likely to see results?

Stripped results don’t happen overnight. It takes approximately three months to see the full effects of the treatment with many pre-trial participants continuing to see results develop at six months and beyond.

What kind of skin is it for?

The Essential promotes healthy collagen and skin regeneration and brings a goodness- packed punch of anti-aging properties, moisture, and texture balancing. It can be used by a variety of skin types from combination, to dry to sensitive. In other words, it works for your skin.

Brand Promise

What makes it a one stop shop?

Our hand-formulated serum of organic plant oils and anti-aging stem cell growth factors is proven to improve skin texture, and moisturise. It’s like food for your skin. With all the things you want and none of the things you don’t.

What are the healing properties of the formula?

We harnessed the power of plant wisdom with only the best organic, cold-pressed extractions that have ancient healing properties from soothing to regeneration, protection to recovery, antioxidant to antidepressant.

Why is stem cell skincare so hot right now?

The beauty industry has turned to stem cells to combat wrinkles and give a boost to skin turnover and overall appearance. Stem cells - you know, the ones innovating medical research to treat cancer and other diseases - are now being sold over the counter to trend junkies. But just because a product says it contains stem cells, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those cells are viable or are actually doing anything for you. We have obsessively researched and architected Stripped stem growth factors to work similarly to human stem cells, bestowing your skin with biologically active anti-aging benefits and more.

What makes The Essential unique?

Hand-crafted, rigorously tested, and poised on the knife blade of cutting-edge science, The Essential is the most effortless yet unabashedly fussy product you need. Every single one of our organic, cold pressed oil blends deliver the maximum level of nutrients you deserve, with zero artificial stabilizers.

What’s in it? What makes it ‘no BS’?

We believe in only-natural, minimal, and responsible ingredients; each one serving a purpose for your optimal skin care. We deal in proven science and pure, simple plant based ingredients. It is our mission and purpose to shed light on the dark side of poor science, fillers, abuse of buzzworthy words, empty promises, and fancy packaging with no substance.