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Treat your face to some real science.

The Essential serum is only organic anti-inflammatory oils + proven
growth factors, made fresh by us and shipped to you every month,
for healthier and younger looking skin

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The Essential


Proven to tighten and brighten while delivering a cure for dryness, brown spots, and fine lines.

Delivery Frequency: Monthly ($100 + $20 delivery)

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This hand-crafted and rigorously tested serum is made fresh at the beginning of every month and shipped to you within 72 hours. Every single one of our organic, cold pressed oils combined with stem cell growth factors, delivers maximum levels of nutrients your skin deserves, with zero artificial stabilizers.

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The Essential 

The Essential is an anti-aging, nourishing facial serum. 

Our proprietary blend is handcrafted by us every month from organic, cold-pressed oils and hand-selected pharmaceutical-grade growth factors promoting clinically-tested results in skin resilience, moisture level, health, and collagen growth.

Unscented Essential - Stripped Bare

is a specially formulated unscented blend, carefully crafted to bless sensitive skin with Bare’s’ finest non-reactive cold-pressed oils. This one’s for you if you have skin that is reactive to citrus or other essential oils, or like your products without scent.

Unscented and Growth Factor-free Essential - Stripped Naked

is our blend made for younger patients or for use while nursing. Though disrobed of all scents and growth factors, ‘Naked’, in its silky smooth glory, still beholds The Essential essence.

The Essential is made to order on the 1st of every month and shipped within 72 hours of production. After payment today your subscription will autopay on the 24th of the proceeding months.

Apply 0.5mL (half a dropper) to cleansed skin twice daily.  Warm oil in fingertips and massage into skin in a graceful, upward circular motion. Not unlike other self care rituals.  

Why not say something positive to yourself in the mirror as you apply? You’re worth it. 

Stripping down to the essentials with all of the science and none of the BS.





Case-Study Realness


Women and men ages 35-65 emerging from pretrial, sing praises of “hydration and glow” after 3 or more months of regular use to face, decollete, and even cuts and bruises.

Where uneven tones, redness, blotchiness, and skin thirsting for moisture abound, The Essential is proven to tighten and brighten while delivering a cure for dryness, brown spots, and fine lines.

“A couple of drops in my hands morning and night, in combination with heavy cream, and in one month I noticed smoother, more supple skin with less fine wrinkles, and a much more youthful appearance. My skin looks well rested, even on the days that I know I’m not.”

-R.K. (unpaid study participant)

“I’ve experienced significant improvement of skin texture on my face and neck, and lessening of small wrinkles around my eyes, and forehead. It feels as though I am providing needed moisture to my skin.”

-J.W. (unpaid study participant)

“My skin has more moisture and my skin tone has evened out. Nights that I have not used it, my skin feels tight and dry. This product is becoming essential to my daily routine!”

-M.M. (unpaid study participant)

Developed by women, a physician and researcher.

Our goal is to create a product with the highest biological activity and pure ingredients. From the lab directly to your door with no synthetic toxic ingredients used to stabilize products that sit on a shelf. This product was developed by women, a physician and researcher, using plant wisdom and cutting-edge science. We have stripped out the unnecessary chemicals, so every ingredient has a purpose in order to support more beautiful skin. We have stripped out all of the gimmicks to deliver what is real and proven.

Decades of scientific and medical training — specially in stem cell and clinical trial science kickstarted this company. The spark of an idea grew to years of development and research brought us to this point, our first clinical trial. We have spent our careers in the medical field and are excited to be able to deliver what we are passionate about — just ingredients that work in a healing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory base — with no fillers, no chemicals for stabilizing, no toxic extras.

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