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Clinical Trials

Because we're doctors, we make things that heal people. Because we're scientist, we perform studies that help us understand if and how what we make works.

Our Skin Deserves Real Science

When it comes to beauty, science and data really do matter. The truth matters.

Stripped Skin Science specifically designs prospective clinical trials for diverse

patient populations - a full spectrum of ages, skin types - to accurately test

the efficacy of our products. It's Essential.

Dig transparency? Dig into the three and six month clinical trial study results.

Here is our path to truth

A patient, someone just like you, consents to participate in our clinical trial. They are not paid, and asked not to change anything else about their routine.
We collected their baseline data prior to starting the program. Baseline data is Essential– what we consider ‘need-to-knows', like skin type, detailed photos, skin condition and health.
We designed a statistically-validated protocol and asked that all trial participants follow that protocol for the duration of the trial. Data was captured at multiple timepoints and then we had it carefully analyzed by 3rd party statisticians to verify results over time.
We only practice prospective real-world evidence studies, which means we employ a very high level of scientific integrity. Because we don’t want to believe our product is fabulous, we want science to prove it.


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